Hello! My name is Natalie, I am a wife, mother to be (in four short months) and have a passion for interior design. To help support this passion I have decided, with my husband’s encouragement, to start a blog. This will be an outlet for everything pretty, the latest DIY project, new paint colors, the many mistakes that I will make on the way and mainly becoming content. You should know that I am not the best at punctuation and I may repeat myself more than once, but I like to blame that on being overly excited about what I am writing about. I want this to be a blog not only for design but also for my new journey as a wife and a mother. 

My husband and I were married July of 2014. Three months later we had a little surprise when we found out that we were expecting a baby in 9 shortmonths. Of course we were thrilled and immediately jumped on board with everything baby. My husband owned a little White Cape Cod house that oddly enough was the house that I grew up in. He had owned it for 5 years before we met and when we started dating…. you can imagine my shock when I realized it was my childhood home. What are the odds of that happening ever!?! It was pretty crazy. I get to bring my beautiful baby boy home to the same house I was brought home to as a baby girl. Life can be pretty crazy but pretty cool. 

Throughout the process of getting married and being pregnant I have realized a few things. Your home should be a place that you love. It should be a place that is peaceful and that brings you happiness. However, you must be content with what you have. All of us can look on Pinterest, go through design magazines and books and come up with a million reasons why we don’t love our house. We can purchase the most expensive thing but that still won’t make us love our home. I am extremely guilty of that. As a homeowner we must first learn to love every imperfection. When we start loving our house, including all of the imperfections we will become content with what we have. When you become content with your house right away, you will continue to be content when you add things, rearrange things or when your house is a complete mess with sugar all over your floors.  It is alright to do DIY projects, save up your money for the perfect chair or get some new paint on the walls. But if you are not content to begin with, do not expect for those things to fill that hole. The definition of content is; “con·tent in a state of peaceful happiness.” I want to be “in a state of peaceful happiness” every time that I am home; as I am sure do the rest of you. So start loving all of the imperfections around you, because I am sure there is beauty in them. This was something that has been very hard for me to do. Thankfully I have an amazingly supportive husband who has helped me understand this concept. Don’t get me wrong, I do not have this concept perfected yet, but I am working on it every single day. 

I hope you join me as I tackle new projects, learn to be a mother, decorate our home, learn from my mistakes and most importantly learn how to become more content every day with what I have.