Hello Blog Land!

It has once again been quite a while since I have posted. I apologize! I’ve learned that life with a newborn is nothing but busy. I’m reminded daily by my friends and family that these are the times to slow down and soak in all of these memories. I have realized you only get these special moments once with each child and I want to remember them. I’m learning that cuddling with my sweet boy for one morning is more important then doing the laundry that day and that is okay! My Hudson is only 5 months old but it has already gone by so fast. However, I will try to post more regularly… but what can I say…Hudson runs the schedule 🙂

So in light of it being November 22nd already (where has the time gone!?) I have already put away all of my Fall decor and I already have most of our Christmas decorations out…yes I am one of those people who is slightly obsessed with Christmas and everything that it brings! It truly is my favorite time of year. However before I brought out Christmas I decided to snap a few pictures of our home for you to see…..I promise to do a full Home Tour one of these days! But for now hopefully these will suffice.

Mint Front Door

Eames Chair Dining Room
Eames Chair Dining RoomIKEA MASKROS Light
Gold LampLoui Armstrong Told Us So Print
We finally finished our Tufted King Headboard. This was definitely one of the more challenging DIY projects I have done but one of the most rewarding! When I was looking up how to make our headboard I noticed there were not many tutorials for a King Size headboard so I wanted to make sure that I put ours up. I am working on the whole tutorial and that will be up on the blog soon!

As I mentioned before this is not our whole house, only a few rooms but I promise I will get a full Home Tour up eventually! Thanks for stopping by. Next up our Tufted Headboard Tutorial, Nursery Reveal and some Christmas Decorating Tips & Tricks! Happy Weekend