Hello friends, Welcome to my Confessions as a new wife and momma. I will be sharing a confession once a week. I hope you come join in on the laughter as I share with you a funny little piece of my crazy silly life.

CONFESSION #1. . . .as a new wife

So a few weeks into my marriage (around 2 years ago) I was doing our laundry. My husband, Ross, had lived in our house for about 4 years before we got married. After we got married I moved into his house and he had all of the necessities covered when it came to laundry and cleaning supplies. My husband being the very sweet guy he is would not normally mention anything bad about the laundry. However, he noticed his clothes were not getting that clean. So he kindly mentioned this fact to me one morning. Now because I am a new wife I am trying to do everything perfect and be as close to June Cleaver as I possibly can. I told him that I would try to do smaller loads of laundry because that must be the problem. A few more days had passed and I was noticing the laundry was still not getting very clean. Ross asked me what detergent I was using. I said, slightly angry, I’m using the blue bottle on top of the washing machine that you have had there since I moved in. He starts to smile and I said again, the blue bottle with the word ‘Downy’ on it. . . . . . Well in fact I had been using fabric softener instead of laundry detergent on our clothes for about two weeks. June Cleaver would be ashamed and she not have made that mistake in her first few weeks of marriage, but alas I am no June Cleaver and who is really?? But it did give the hubby and I a good laugh! To all you ladies out there I hope you are having a good week, stay tuned for next weeks confession, because there are a lot more to come!

Keepin it real,