Confession #1

So about seven months ago I had put my son Hudson in his exersaucer/jumper. He was nine months old at this time and he absolutely loved jumping. I ran to the bathroom because let’s be honest, potty breaks are very limited for moms. Hudson is jumping and laughing away as usual so I know he is fine. As I come back into the room I cannot believe what I see. My son is jumping and sliding his feet around in something brown on the floor beneath him. Shit just got real. Excuse my language but that in fact is what it was. He had pooped out of his diaper and it had slid right down his leg onto our wood floors and he had smeared it all over with his feet. This is that moment in mom-hood where you can either freak out, laugh or get the camera. Why yes, I did get my camera and documented this event and of course was laughing the whole time. Of course when things like this happen you don’t know where to start when it comes to cleaning it up. Everything is covered in poop so you try to figure out the most thorough way to start the cleaning process. My son was wearing white socks which were now brown so I just threw those away, they were beyond saving. About 30 minutes later I had finally cleaned everything and I had to get ready to go to class. I’m sitting in my Statistics class thinking that I am still smelling the poop. I decided the smell must be burned into my nose because of how much there was. Well I was wrong! I turn my arm over and there is a poop streak going up the side of my arm on my sweatshirt. This is life but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks for reading, stay tuned for next weeks confession!

Keepin it real!