Month: November 2019

Christmas Advent Calendar

‘Tis the season….. for an advent calendar! I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. Christmas season is upon us, and to say that it’s my favorite time would be a massive understatement. I am slightly obsessed. Each year becomes more fun as the boys are growing up. Starting new traditions, keeping old ones that Ross & I both had when we were young. It is the best.

So naturally, I started doing an advent calendar a couple years ago. The advent calendar has changed a little each year but one thing that has remained the same is these amazing Christmas story inserts that I place in each bag. I found these free printable’s from Red Bird Blue. I love reading a little part of the story and opening my Bible to read each day with the boys. Ross & I take turns reading each night.

Along with the Christmas story, I like to add in pieces of chocolate, one for each boy (I usually buy trader joes $.99 advent calendar and use the chocolates from those to put in my little bags, it’s cheaper and they are in cute Christmas shapes). Next, I add in a fun activity for us to do that’s on our Christmas Bucket list like bake cookies, take them to your neighbors, etc.

This year both boys are super into Legos! I’m not gonna lie, Ross & I both probably like legos just as much as them. So, I bought the Lego advent calendar to add into our bags this year. Anything that keeps the boys busy for 10 minutes or more is a HUGE win in my book.

You can find these small kraft paper bags at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or on Amazon. I used this free printable for the numbers and then taped them on with washi tape. I hang it all up on our chalkboard with some twine and mini close pins and each year on December 1st when the boys wake up, their reactions are even better than before.

Whether you have done advent calendars in the past or not, this is an easy one to do. Do not feel like you need to add in extra things, you can just print out the Christmas Story and read one each day, your kids will still love that. I use to think that if I didn’t have everything ready by Dec. 1st that I couldn’t do it. But guess what, that’s a big fat lie. Last year I was a few days late, and I’m pretty sure the boys were even happier because they got to open three

bags the first day. No matter what you do, it helps make the days go by faster as we countdown to Christmas. It also helps remind them (+ us) the true meaning of the season. 


Merry Christmas!


Click Here for Free Christmas Story Advent Printable

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Party Time

Hi Friends, stay tuned for a post about a sunny filled 1st Birthday party. Coming soon!