Hello friends, Today I am going to tell you all about our trip to Amsterdam & Paris with our one year old, Hudson, in tow. My husband had to travel over there for work and because our friends were currently living in Amsterdam we decided to make a trip out of it. Notice that I say trip not vacation ;). We went in July which was wonderful because the weather was gorgeous. Before we went I searched for any advice I could find about traveling with a toddler. I was so excited but so nervous about taking a one year old on a 8 hour plane ride. Now, I am no expert on traveling with kids especially because we only had one at the time so I am sure some of you could give me even better advice. I found some really helpful posts from Amber Fillerup Clark and Jenny from Fawn Design, and Oh Joy that helped me feel very prepared. However, no matter how prepared you are there are gonna be moments of stress and chaos which all of you mothers know! But a few helpful tips I found I have mentioned below. . . . (more…)